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OpenFOAM discussion board administrator April 11, 2007 18:56

OpenFOAM Version 1.4 Released
OpenCFD release OpenFOAM version 1.4.

11 April 2007: OpenCFD are pleased to announce the release of version 1.4 of their OpenFOAM open source CFD toolbox.

Version 1.4 contains numerous developments aimed towards improving the efficiency and robustness of OpenFOAM for large-scale engineering CFD, including:

- Multiphase flows
Significant improvement to robustness and efficiency of two-phase interface-tracking solvers using our new multidimensional universal limited explicit solver (MULES).

- Cavitation
New solver added for compressible two-phase flow including cavitation.

- Porous media
Implementation of models, including power-law, inertial and viscous models, for either explicit or implicit implementation in any of the pressure-velocity solvers, with examples.

- Multiple reference frames (MRF)
MRF support implemented for any of the pressure-velocity solvers, with example solver.

- Turbulence modelling
k-omega SST model added for high-Re external and internal flows.

- Linear solvers
New generalised linear solvers including geometric-algebraic multi-grid (GAMG) and runtime selectable preconditioning to allow users to tune the solvers for best performance for their cases.

For a full list of new features, see the Release Notes.
To download OpenFOAM 1.4 click here.
OpenCFD are Henry Weller, Mattijs Janssens and Chris Greenshields.
Reproduced from original announcement, copyright (C) 2007 OpenCFD Ltd.

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