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Lukasz May 24, 2012 17:09

SpeedIT 2.1: OpenFOAM on GPU can be run with better preconditioners
SpeedIT 2.1 contains a new set of preconditioners:
Algebraic Multigrid with Smoothed Aggregation (AMG)
Approximate Inverse (AINV)

Our tests showed that OpenFOAM simulations on a single GPU can be up to 3.5x faster compared to CG with DIC/DILU and up to 1.6x faster if you run GAMG on CPU.

FYI, SpeedIT provides a set of accelerated solvers for sparse linear systems of equations. Thanks to CMRS format SpeedIT is one the fastests technologies due to very fast SpMV operations. The library runs with C/C++ and Fortran. It can also run with OpenFOAM.

See our report for details.

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