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tian August 18, 2012 02:33

Hi Air Conditioning Engineers User,

Its my pleasure to show the the second beta version impression of the HVAC Tool GUI for OpenFOAM®. It is just under development but I hope it will be usefull for the HVAC Engineer of the next generation.

18. August 2012: news:
- Import function IFC Format
- Import and export function for TRNSYS and OpenFOAM®
- Edit/Object-Mode for 3D Objects
- Create your own HVAC libraries
- Used OpenFOAM® Windows 64bit 2.1.x
- Easy CaseSetup for HVAC Simulation
- Easy BlockMesh and SnappyHexMesh Export
- Calculate sun position for boundary (GEOSURF Factor)
- Comfort analysis like DIN EN ISO 7730

You can download a DEMO Version:


Simulate instead of modeling! HVAC Tool...

Selina August 20, 2012 13:53

Hi Tian,

your GUI is nice. Thank you.

Bye Selina

greel August 22, 2012 17:51

Hi Tian
I´m having problems to get the demo version of the HVAC gui. Where can I find It??

Regards from Chile


tian August 23, 2012 01:12

Hi Andrés,

you can download from the website:

or use a FTP Software:
Benutzer: HVACDemo
Passwort: Demo#321

If you have any comments you may like to write me an email. I will then program the software quickly.


greel August 23, 2012 10:54

many thanks again! The problem was that my browser did not load your web page properly

tian September 21, 2012 09:39

HVAC Tool Version
Hello OpenFOAM® HVAC users.

We finished the new version and its available now as a demo version on the website

The new extension of our tool includes new solvers like:

other features are included:
- Export the boundary conditions to Excel
- Preliminary estimates with potentialFoam
- Workflow Improvements

The demo version allows you to use every function so you can test the whole HVAC tool in your own individual way. The Demo is for Windows® 64bit System, Vista, 7 and 8. OpenFOAM® for Windows® should be installed on Windows system already.

Check it out and you will feel the new generation of fluid dynamics for building simulation.

jsm September 21, 2012 14:12


This looks really good. If this kind of GUI is made of Openfoam 2.x, it will be really good and very easy to start work.

It is my thoughts...

tian September 22, 2012 14:53

1 Attachment(s)

thank you!

I'll give you a training file attached. It is the Shanghai World Financial Center. The training file is fictional and has nothing else to do with the reality. I hope the exercise will help you.

Simply load the file and export it as OpenFOAM case. Then run the blockMesh and snappyHexMesh. At last step start the solver. That's it.

For the analysis using ParaView.

Important: Change to SWFC.7z. I used 7-zip!

Have fun

tian December 6, 2012 10:55

Update 0.8.6

it is my pleasure to provide the next update to version 0.8.6. You can import DXF and many small bug fixes.


tian March 30, 2013 03:57

HVACTool Veriosn 0.9.2
Hello Building Simulation Engineers,

it is time to give you some news:

The HVACTool is still under development and I just released the Update 0.9.2 with some nice features:

- Import IFC Version 4
- Import gbXML
- Import SketchUp
- Import International glazing database for windows
- Setup Boundary conditions via Drag and drop
- calc U-Value
- Perez Sky Diffuse Model
- Prediction of hourly solar radiation

I setup a Youtube channel:

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