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holger_marschall June 28, 2013 04:22

CoCoons Project - Community-driven Documentation on OpenFOAMŽ Technology
If I can't find a reindeer, I'll make one instead.
- T. Grinch, 1957

Dear FOAMers,

I proudly announce

The CoCoons Project - Community-driven Documentation on OpenFOAMŽ Technology

that has recently been launched!

  • is about the C++ programming language for Computational Continuum Numerics and its main principles: object orientation ('oo' in name), encapsulation (logo); code re-use, polymorphism and generic programming by inheritance and templated classes.
  • refers to self-contained ('encapsulated') documents embedded into an elaborated documentation framework - a modular approach to community-driven documentation of the OpenFOAMŽ CFD Toolbox for Computational Continuum Mechanics, which the project focuses on in a first step.

The CoCoons Project is essentially a team of experienced users (volunteers) with minimal central organization. It is hoped to establish a high quality system of documentation on OpenFOAMŽ Technology that is easy to use and search through.

All CoCoons documentation is freely available (incl. the source), licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3. CoCoons documentation is to be professionally published via partner publishing house and international journal (Elsevier) standing side by side with CoCoons Project. For more information please visit

The basic idea ...
The basic idea was to create a Joomla-based website (a professional content managed system for web content) for community-driven documentation on OpenFOAMŽ Technology. This is quite flexible and professional in terms of layout, extensions and administrations.

For typesetting CoCoons documentation we chose LaTeX - a high-quality typesetting system which includes features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation, which is visually of high quality, consistent and clear appearance throughout, precise and concise. Using LaTeX templates along with an own LaTeX document class, style-file and macros specific for community-driven documentation on OpenFOAMŽ Technology, a professional layout is achieved for CoCoons documentation.

The CMS Joomla! as well as LaTeX are both inherent parts of the CoCoons Project. It is strongly believed that both "ingredients" are crucial for a monolithic, coherent and attractive handbook/guide system.

The concept ...
On the Website of the CoCoons Project, LaTeX-Templates are provided, that can be freely downloaded and modified, containing the current documentation status of
  • top-level utilities
  • top-level models
  • top-level solvers
as they come along with the OpenFOAMŽ releases or remixes. Accordingly, there is a CoCoons documentation download section where you can download
  • CoCoons Utility Guide to OpenFOAMŽ Technology
  • CoCoons Modeling Guide to OpenFOAMŽ Technology
  • CoCoons Solvers Guide to OpenFOAMŽ Technology
as pdf-files, which will be maintained and updated regularly.

IMPORTANT: Any modifications CANNOT be uploaded directly but have to be sent to a third-party reviewer resp. an expert of a special interest group (SIG). The reviewed document will be sent to an administrator of the CoCoons Project, who will then upload the contribution. The contributor and reviewer will be added to a list of authors and reviewers in the document. At the same time, the document version number will be increased accordingly.

In addition, CoCoons documentation shall include the hosting of a tutorial collection on OpenFOAMŽ Technology on this website.

The Website ...
For more details please visit ...

... and keep FOAMing & contributing!

best regards
Holger Marschall

Disclaimer: This offering is not approved or endorsed by ESIŽ Group, ESI-OpenCFDŽ or the OpenFOAMŽ Foundation, the producer of the OpenFOAMŽ software and owner of the OpenFOAMŽ and OpenCFDŽ trademarks.

CocoonŽ is a registered trade mark of the The AppacheŽ Software Foundation (ASF). The above use has been officially approved by ASF within the scope of scientific computing. The author duly acknowledges the trademarks of ASF and refers to the official websites for Apache Cocoon (link).

holger_marschall July 2, 2013 04:31

Dear FOAMers,

thanks for the many positive feedbacks. Via E-mail I have been asked the following and I want to use the forum to make the answers available to everyone in the community:
  • Assume I want to start documenting a utility, how do I know no body else is working on the same thing?

    As a part of the project, there is a site for monitoring documentation progress. Herein you find the categories 'Documents under Progress', 'Documents under Review' and 'Documents need Review' in order to avoid repetitive work. See

    For being listed please use the forms provided on the website to contact me:

    Please follow the step-by-step instruction for contributions to the CoCoons Project provided in the FAQ section:

  • How can people of similar interest collaborate on the same project. One can think of an idea (involving Git) but I would like to know your approach?

    "Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler".
    It is my belief that a community-driven documentation effort should be as easy as possible in its workflow. Dealing with all specific cases and scenarios of collaborative/joint work on documentation would definitely be too much and confusing. This said, I really think it's up to you ;) -- If you search for co-authors; how about opening a thread in this forum or on the discussion board of the Special Interest Group on OpenFOAMŽ documentation (link)? Want to use git: please check out (it's great and free)?

Hope this is of help! In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

best regards,

holger_marschall November 18, 2013 02:50

Documentation Marathon on OpenFOAM
Dear FOAMers,

The CoCoons Project on community-driven documentation of the OpenFOAMŽ CFD Toolbox has started some time ago. Thanks a lot for all your positive feedbacks and input to the project!

As a kick-off I now want to announce the
Documentation Marathon on OpenFOAMŽ over winter/spring 2013/14
The goal of this campaign is to launch The CoCoons Project, to get it off the ground and to provide the ideal setting for free high quality documentation on OpenFOAMŽ Technology.

To have a free high quality documentation system for OpenFOAMŽ is a big vision, and it will require YOUR help to make it happen! Please contribute. The CoCoons Project is a community project: we need your contributions, so don't be afraid to jump in! All high-quality contributions will be published (see CoCoons Project's Partners and CoCoons Project FAQ).

And as a must-have for a real Marathon, crossing the finish line in 1st of April 2014 there are rewards waiting for you, of course:

Every FOAMer who submits
  • 1000 words of documentation on OpenFOAMŽ's utilities, models and solvers wins a CoCoons Project T-Shirt
  • 2500 words of documentation on OpenFOAMŽ's utilities, models and solvers wins a CoCoons Project Polo-Shirt
sponsored by Engys Ltd. (Eugene de Villiers). Thanks a lot!

For more details have a look at

... Have fun and KEEP FOAMing!

best regards,
Holger Marschall

CoCoons Project

holger_marschall December 13, 2013 10:14

Update - Documentation Marathon on OpenFOAM
Dear FOAMers,

I am happy to inform that the community-driven documentation effort of OpenFOAMŽ technology

The CoCoons Project - Community-driven Documentation on OpenFOAMŽ Technology

takes quite some momentum: recently, the Documentation Marathon on OpenFOAMŽ over winter/spring 2013/14 has been started. For more information please read the corresponding post in this thread. Now, the category "Documentation Progress" has been updated. Have a look at

Updated section - CoCoons Documentation Progress

All professional contributions shall be published in book form! Consider contributing early and share your expertise! Keep FOAMing!

For more information start from the project's FAQ section:
  1. Why contribute?
  2. How to contribute?
  3. CoCoons Project Partners

best regards,
Holger Marschall

CoCoons Project

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