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dklcheng September 9, 2013 11:15

Naval Hydrodynamics using OpenFOAM CFD
Naval Hydrodynamics using OpenFOAM CFD

Applying OpenFOAM to address CFD for marine use cases

Simulating structures in a maritime environment presents a unique challenge to analyzing free surface flows. Effective analysis provides valuable insight to evaluating design decisions, but is highly complex. Oftentimes analysis isn't performed and physical testing in tow tanks is used to better understand a designs performance against requirements – be they wetted area, stability, or drag.. By then, many decisions about the design have been committed to and changes would be catastrophic.

Join us to learn about how the CFD solver OpenFOAM® provides many different approaches to accurately model the air/water boundary over a range of different marine use cases such as platforms and hulls in both steady state and transient applications.
  • Cut costs by +70% over legacy, workstation-based CFD
  • See how straightforward the application of OpenFOAM to transient two-phase flows can be
  • See the scalability of distributed cloud based solving for complex analyses
  • Add repeatable analysis workflow and collaboration to CFD

Our guest speaker is Dr. Hrvoje Jasak, director at Wikki, Ltd. and former developer of ANSYS Fluent and CD-Adapco STAR-CD. Dr. Jasak brings a wealth of knowledge of CFD solver technology and is an OpenFOAM extend developer.

Thursday, September 19. Click here to register:

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