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dominik_christ December 20, 2013 09:30

9th International OpenFOAMŪ Workshop, 23-26 June 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia.
The Workshop Committee would like to invite you to the
9th International OpenFOAMŪ Workshop
held 23-26 June 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The 9th edition of the OpenFOAMŪ Workshop provides a forum for researchers, industrial users, software developers, consultants and academics working with OpenFOAMŪ. The Workshop is a premier event for highlighting recent work with OpenFOAMŪ, by virtue of its 8-year tradition and the fact that it is open to all contributors, irrespective of their background or interest. As a part of the program, free introductory and advanced OpenFOAMŪ training will be provided by the Special Interest Groups and experts in the field. The goals of the meeting are:
  • Present recent developments, validation results or examples of use where OpenFOAMŪ software has been applied in novel ways
  • Exchange ideas on development of physical models and numerical techniques implemented in OpenFOAMŪ
  • Find colleagues with similar interest to share your experiences and plan future collaboration
  • Provide hands-on and in-depth training and information on OpenFOAMŪ software, its capabilities and future developments Please come and join the biggest OpenFOAM event of the year. For more details, please checkout:

Maimouna February 5, 2014 11:36

Dear Dominik Christ,

many thanks for your announcement. I'm really will be glad to attend such these workshops. I will do my best to attend this workshop.

Could you please send me the workshop program for each day?

Kind regards

dominik_christ February 10, 2014 07:25

Dear Maimouna,

You can find the preliminary daily program here:

See you in Zagreb,

hjasak March 17, 2014 13:03

Dear All,

For those who do not like having their deadlines on a Saturday night, we have extended the abstract submission deadline for the 9th OpenFOAM Workshop until the end of the week.

To submit the abstract, see our update on sponsors and keynote speakers, please visit


hjasak June 12, 2014 05:53

Dear OpenFOAM-ers,

We are in the final stages of preparation of the 9th OpenFOAM Workshop 2014, to be held in Zagreb, Croatia 23-26 June 2014. The Workshop will consist of over 100 oral presentations in 24 sessions over 2 days, 18 free training seminars on all levels during the Training Day and 20 Special Interest Group Meetings on the Community Day - hopefully sufficient to interest many of you.

Details of the Workshop and the preliminary schedule are available on:

In the past we had experienced various people from the community not knowing about this event or its contents - may I please ask you to pass the links above to anyone who may consider them interesting.

Please join us in Zagreb and help grow the Community. If you cannot come in person, please spread the word. All abstracts and papers will be available in on-line proceedings after the Workshop.

I look forward to meeting you in Zagreb.


Hrvoje Jasak

Tushar@cfd June 12, 2014 08:16

It will be very grateful, if these "18 free training seminars" are also uploaded on-line.

Thanks in Advance

hjasak June 12, 2014 08:27

Here is the schedule of free training courses at the OpenFOAM Workshop in Zagreb (more details on the programme:

Basic Training (Hall C)
  • My first tutorial in FOAM: Vuko Vukcevic with help: Uwe Janoske, Ivor Clifford
  • Post-processing: Paraview: Philip Cardiff
  • Meshing with snappyHexMesh: Engys (Eugene de Villiers)
  • Basic swak4Foam: Bernhard Gschaider

Advanced Training (Hall D)
  • Finite Volume Discretisation in OpenFOAM: Luiz Silva
  • Meshing with cfMesh: Franjo Juretic
  • Discretisation best practice: Hrvoje Jasak
  • Complex Dynamic mesh cases: Gianluca Montenegro

SIG Training (Hall E)
  • Turbomachinery: Hakan Nilsson
  • FSI: Zeljko Tukovic
  • SOFC: Steven Beale
  • Coupled solver and coupled p-U: Klas Jareteg and Ivor Clifford and/or
  • Vuko Vukcevic
  • Solid Mechanics solvers and capabilities: Philip Cardiff
  • Pre-Processing, Helyx: Paolo Geremia
  • Immersed Boundary Method: Damir Rigler

Programming Training (Hall F)
  • Basic code understanding: Scalar transport and code changes: Henrik Rusche
  • Advanced swak4Foam: Bernhard Gschaider
  • Programming environment: Dominik Christ
  • C++ in OpenFOAM: reading and understanding the class structure: Hrvoje Jasak

It is the intention of the Workshop that the knowledge of FOAM is spread as widely as possible and we always give room for new developers to provide hands-on tutorials on the features they developed.

It is unlikely we will actually record all the seminars (too much editing required) but some of the material will be on the Workshop web site.

There are also the Special Interest Group meetings:

  • Special Interest Group on Turbomachinery
  • Special Interest Group on Multiphase Flows
  • Special Interest Group on Discrete Particle Modelling
  • Special Interest Group on Combustion and Reacting Flows
  • Special Interest Group on Aeroacoustics
  • Special Interest Group on Ship Hydrodynamics, Naval and Offshore
  • Special Interest Group on Turbulence Modeling and Simulation
  • Special Interest Group on High-Speed and Compressible Flows
  • Special Interest Group on Internal Combustion Engines
  • Special Interest Group on Wind Energy
  • Special Interest Group on Fuel Cells
  • Special Interest Group on GPU Acceleration
  • Special Interest Group on HPC, Scalability and large test cases
  • Special Interest Group on Structural Mechanics and FSI
  • Special Interest Group on Built Environment CFD
  • Special Interest Group on Numerics and Methodology
  • Special Interest Group on Meshing
  • Special Interest Group on Optimisation and Control
  • Special Interest Group on Nuclear Engineering
  • Special Interest Group on FOAM Development and Documentation

Hope this helps,

Hrvoje Jasak

markusrehm August 7, 2014 10:29


are the proceedings and tutorials already available? I was not able to spot them.

Regards, Markus.

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