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OpenFOAM Training: Programming CFD Course 12-13 and 19-20 April 2016
CFD Direct announces the release of Programming CFD, their new OpenFOAM Training course. The course has been created by Chris Greenshields (OpenFOAM co-founder) and Henry Weller (OpenFOAM creator/architect). The course is 2 days duration and is initially available as Virtual Training in Europe and Americas time zones, with Chris Greenshields as instructor:
Course Modules | Who Should Attend | Further Details | Schedule and Booking

About us:
Company involved in OpenFOAM: architects of OpenFOAM, core OpenFOAM developer
Instructor involved in OpenFOAM: managed and contributed to OpenFOAM since its initial release (2004), e.g. author of website, free documentation.
Team experienced in OpenFOAM training: since 2008, 500 days training, 2,500 attendees.
Instructor is an authority on OpenFOAM: 20 years OpenFOAM experience, involved in the release of every version.
Team experience in engineering CFD: delivered OpenFOAM development and support to leading engineering companies.
Specified aim for training: competency in CFD with OpenFOAM.
Course curriculum: clearly defined, to address the challenges of CFD.

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