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CFDFoundation January 4, 2017 06:15

OpenFOAM Training Jan-Jul 2017, Virtual, London, Houston, Berlin
CFD Direct are running their OpenFOAM Training courses, Essential CFD, Applied CFD and Programming CFD fully updated with the latest features of OpenFOAM version 4.1.
Full Schedule

On-site OpenFOAM training is available, please see OpenFOAM On-Site Training for information about personalized courses and customized examples. Our team has delivered training at several of the world’s leading companies in the automotive, chemical, marine, aerospace, energy and insurance sectors, and leading academic institutions. Please .

About us:
Company involved in OpenFOAM: architects of OpenFOAM, main OpenFOAM developer
Instructor involved in OpenFOAM: managed and contributed to OpenFOAM since its initial release (2004), e.g. author of website, free documentation.
Team experienced in OpenFOAM training: since 2008, 500 days training, 2,500 attendees.
Instructor is an authority on OpenFOAM: 20 years OpenFOAM experience, involved in the release of every version.
Team experience in engineering CFD: delivered OpenFOAM development and support to leading engineering companies.
Specified aim for training: competency in CFD with OpenFOAM.
Course curriculum: clearly defined, to address the challenges of CFD.

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