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hjasak March 15, 2010 08:30

Numap-foam 2010
Numerical Modelling of Coupled Problems in Applied Physics
at the University of Zagreb

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
Zagreb, Croatia; 1-15 September 2010

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (UNIZAG FSB), University of Zagreb, Croatia announces the Third edition of the Summer School on Modelling of Coupled Problems in Applied Physics with OpenFoam (NUMAP-FOAM) for PhD students and young researchers in Zagreb. The Programme Chairs of the Summer School are Professor Zdravko Terze and Professor Hrvoje Jasak, original OpenFOAM developer.

The Summer School shall concentrate on providing tuition for a small and selected group of students and researchers in academia and industry. The idea of the Summer School is to expand the physical modelling knowledge, numerics and programming skills of attendees using OpenFOAM in their research through direct supervision and one-to-one work. Lectures on chosen topics of mathematical and numerical modelling pertinent to coupled problems in engineering and applied physics will be delivered in addition. For further references, please contact the organisers or one of 25 alumni of previous Summer Schools.
To ensure quality of work and supervision, the number of places is strictly limited.

To apply, please write a one-page description of the project you wish to work on, with current problems and goals to be achieved at the Summer School. Application is open to all students on MSc and PhD University courses, as well as young researchers in commercial companies with OpenFOAM experience.
Please note this is NOT an introductory OpenFOAM course: significant understanding of the project and software is a pre-requisite for application.
Deadline for application is 1 May 2010. Successful candidates will be informed within three weeks of closing.

For further details, please visit the Summer School web site. I look forward to meeting you in Zagreb.


Hrvoje Jasak

henrik April 27, 2010 15:11

Dear potential attendee,

Just to remind you. The deadline for submitting an abstract for this year's OpenFOAM Summerschool is in 4 days.

Best Regards,


hjasak December 21, 2010 08:05

Dear All,

I am happy to announce that the final presentations of the attendees of NUMAP-FOAM Summer School 2010 at the University of Zagreb are available on-line: please look for a Presentations link on top of the Summer School web page:

Many thanks to His Grace The Social Secretary Bill (sorry Bill, this IS the official title) for his help in collecting the slides.

Wishing you all the best for the holidays and looking forward to meeting the Best and Brightest OpenFOAM minds in Zagreb in 2011.


alberto December 22, 2010 16:54

Very nice! :D

I see a growing interest in multiphase flows. Would it be interesting to consider a sort of "topical section" on this? Just an idea I had while going through the slides. There are a few areas in the multiphase area where OpenFOAM is (somewhere more, somewhere less) behind, and putting energies and minds together would speed up the work a lot (of course if resulting codes are then published and/or integrated into the release :D).

hjasak December 23, 2010 17:38

We have a mechanism for this - why don't you contact a bunch of friendly (multiphase) souls and kick off the Multiphase Working Group. I am sure prof. Lage and dr. Luis Silva in Rio, Darrin in Australia and a number of other people in Europe would welcome it.

Regarding the release, the -Extend project is here to serve. Rules (like The Hard Rock Cafe) are: Love All, Serve All (TM).


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