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henrik June 16, 2010 02:22

Launch of OpenFOAM-extend Portal
Dear FOAMers,

the OpenFOAM Extend Team is happy to announce our new community portal. Please visit

This portal is intended to provide a sound infrastructure as a basis for world-wide joint developments on extensions of the OpenFOAM CFD toolbox.

Some features:
- Create your own sub-project and sub-group of the OpenFOAM-Extend project (Task manager and network facilities are available!)
- Find and/or organize OpenFOAM related event as local user group meetings using the event management.
- Register your institute, company or service provider as "OpenFOAM Cluster" at our board system -- Get connected.
- Acquire students, post-docs or professionals for your projects using the academic board or professional board system respectively.

This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD® Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM® software and owner of the OpenFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.

Best Regards,
Henrik & Holger

holger_marschall June 17, 2010 10:20

Hi FOAMers,

here are some more informations on the features the site has along with screenshots showing how to use it:
(Feature Talk at June, 24th: ”Community activities and new functionalities at OpenFOAM-Extend”, given at the upcoming 5th OpenFOAM Workshop at Chalmers)
Further, some links worth a first look
- Community Groups (Social Network)
- Collaborative Projects (Open Project Managment)
- News and Events (Open Event Managment)
- Polls and Survey
- Open Board System (Clusters, Academic, Professional)

best regards,

holger_marschall June 28, 2010 12:26

Hi FOAMers,

thanks for your very positive feedback regarding the new OpenFOAM-Extend Community Portal!

Here are some instructions I have extracted from feedbacks and further information that might be useful:
  • General Usage
    Please do not add ® after OpenFOAM® or OpenCFD®. The site will take care of this legal stuff by use of a plugin, so the registered trademarks of OpenCFD® Ltd. will be duely acknowledged automatically.
  • Sub-Groups
    Please feel free to found sub-groups in the provided categories under the menu item "user groups". If there is one missing please contact me. Within these sub-groups discussions and wall posts are possible after you joined.
  • Sub-Projects
    From the sub-groups, e.g. out of discussions you are able to found sub-projects ("Collaborative Projects" in the menu). These should be formulated arround a very concrete problem, so community members can choose to join and work with you in your sub-project.
    Many people ask about the access settings that are provided when founding a new sub-project. Here is some information:

    Access settings - Is public

    Set this to yes if you want non-project members to be able to see this project. Otherwise the project will be visible only to you and your project members. Note that any user with the flag "SystemAdministrator" can see your project regardless of this setting.

    Access settings - Allow registration

    Allow others to request to join your project. This will only work if "Is public" is set to "Yes"! Users can request to join the project from the project details page. You will then receive an email notification from the applicant. To manage your project members and join requests, go to the "Users" section.

  • Event Management
    Under "News and Events" you are invited to provide all information to your event (incl. venue) related to OpenFOAM®.
  • Board System
    The open board system is subdivided into a cluster, academic and professional board. You are free to present your institution or company (the location of which will be added to map as well) at the cluster board. If you are searching for students/researchers (academic board) or if you can offer a position (professional board) you are kindly invited to do this by providing related information at the respective boards.



phsieh2005 June 29, 2010 18:09

question about user forum on the OF-ext community?

The "user forum" link on the OF-extend community site point to the user forum on the cfd-online/OpenFOAM forum. Is there a plan to have user forum specific to the OF-extend project? Or we should use the cfd-online/OpenFoam forum?


holger_marschall June 30, 2010 02:27

Heya Pei-Ying,

thanks for your feedback. The place for discussions on OpenFOAM® should be this forum at cfd-online. Therefore the menu item "user forum" links to cfd-online.

Supplementary, there are capabilities on the OpenFOAM®-Extend portal for messaging and discussion on extend-specific topics, which might be started with the sub-groups closest to the topic, e.g. the special interest groups. I.e. to start a sub-project (for instance on the development of a new model) with some others from a special interest or local user group, the extend-portal is the right place.


best regards,

awacs September 24, 2010 23:54

Dear foamers,

When will OpenFOAM-1.6-dev or OpenFOAM-1.6-ext be launched? I am looking forward to experience this extended version.

bastil September 25, 2010 10:51


Originally Posted by awacs (Post 276593)
When will OpenFOAM-1.6-dev or OpenFOAM-1.6-ext be launched? I am looking forward to experience this extended version.

Me too.

Regards Bastian

holger_marschall October 2, 2010 09:09

Hi FOAMers,

I am pleased to announce that the OpenFOAM®-Extend Project Management has been materially enhanced.

The project management is intended to provide a sound infrastructural basis for worldwide, joint and collaborative development on The Open Source CFD Toolbox OpenFOAM®. It offers community-driven sub-projects to be created and managed by community members. If you would like to contribute to any sub-project or found one within the OpenFOAM®-Extend Project, please have a look at the project management after having logged in.

Current capabilities cover
  • Project Dashboard
  • Milestones & Tasks
  • Calendar
  • File Manager
  • Messaging/Discussions
  • Time Tracking
  • Email Notifications
and thus the facilities to
  • assign and organize the tasks through a task management
  • file & note sharing, including
    • Note versioning capabilities
    • Note check-in/check-out
    • Note diff/comparison tool
    • very basic file versioning capabilities
    • file check-in/check-out
  • messaging/discussions on-topic and at place (multiple threads with subscribe/unsubscribe possibility)
  • follow the activities of all by use of an activity stream
  • quickly give an update on what each of us is currently working on! status reporting

For organizing your joint developments using the OpenFOAM® CFD toolbox within the OpenFOAM®-Extend Project please proceed as follows:
  1. for project management:
    Create your sub-projects under the menu item 'Collaborative Projects'
  2. for discussions and promotion within the community:
    Found your sub-group assigned to the category 'working group' under the menu item 'User Groups'.
Best regards,
Holger Marschall

P.S.: @BastiL and Jitao: AFAIK, the release date of the next OpenFOAM-ext 1.6 is currently not fixed. It surely has to be tested first.

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