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gocarts July 6, 2010 10:20

Windows 64-bit with Native MPI patch for OpenFOAM 1.6.x
The latest version of the Symscape Windows patch for OpenFOAMŪ 1.6.x now supports 64-bit compilation using the MinGW-w64 cross-compiler and parallel computation using the native Windows MPI implementation provided by the free Microsoft HPC SDK and also available on Microsoft HPC Server 2008 for clusters. Be warned, as always, that to build OpenFOAM for Windows with a cross-compiler requires expert knowledge of Windows and Linux utilities and compilers.

You can find the patch and compilation instructions at:

OpenFOAM is a registered trademark of OpenCFD and is unaffiliated with Symscape

nlc October 2, 2010 11:53

Why getting the trouble to use Windows for CFD computing ?

Switch to linux/GNU and every thing will work perfectly !

wyldckat October 2, 2010 14:56

Greetings to all!

Originally Posted by ubald (Post 277496)
Why getting the trouble to use Windows for CFD computing ?

Switch to linux/GNU and every thing will work perfectly !

Not wanting to cause a flame war on this thread, but I think Nicolas deserves an answer ;)

Therefore, to gain a hundred victories in a hundred battles is not the highest excellence; to subjugate the enemy's army without doing battle is the highest of excellence.
Therefore, the best warfare strategy is to attack the enemy's plans, next is to attack alliances, next is to attack the army, and the worst is to attack a walled city.

So Nicolas, can you see the similarities? Windows users are the "walled city".

Although it may look to be a lot of effort to make OpenFOAM work in Windows, it's certainly a lot less work to conquer peoples minds by having software that works on the OS they already have and paid loads of money for. The cross-compiled version of OpenFOAM for Windows might not work as well or as fast as in Linux or other POSIX OSes, but at least people will begin to feel that OpenFOAM (as well as other GNU software) is worth while investing in!
And when the time comes when they complain about "the simulations are taking too long" on their multi-thousand dollar/euro/yen/etc systems in a few years from now, we'll simply state: "well, just upgrade to this free open-source OS and you will save money by not needing to purchase new software/hardware and, on the plus side, things will work a lot faster as well!" :D

So grasshopper Nicolas: be not as blind as those you point your finger at. That kind of thinking will not help you in winning day-to-day wars ;) Winning requires strategy and the occasional sacrifice :p.

My apologies to Richard for my rant on this thread, but like I said, I thought that Nicolas deserved an answer.

Best regards,

nlc October 2, 2010 17:16

Tanks for your answer ! I had the smile on my face reading every word you've written !

This strategy is a really interesting and might be good .... so it's like giving weapons to the "walled city" in order to attack the plan !!?!


gocarts October 4, 2010 08:56

It's all about options, nothing subversive. If engineers use Windows, Linux, Mac, or whatever then so be it - software needs to follow users (not vice-versa) or else what's the point?

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