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gschaider April 11, 2011 16:42

New release of PyFoam
Forgot to announce it here, but last week a new release of PyFoam hit the servers (tarball on the Wiki, SVN from the of-extend).

A list of the most important changes can be found at

Apart from a number of minor enhancements the there are two main themes to the added features:
- extracting data for plotting etc (a lot of utilities now support export to CSV, the utilities that generate Gnuplot-commands were enhanced)
- the possibility to put cases under version control has been added and some utilities act different if a case is under version control

Should PyFoam not work the way you'd expect it to feel free to report a bug (for details see

gschaider April 18, 2012 17:42

Friday the 13th saw the new release 0.5.7 of PyFoam (releasing the release notes took a bit longer. That's why this announcement is late).

As usual a list of the most important changes can be found at

The most important changes are
- updates to the parser
- improvement to the utilities for quantitative analysis ( etc)
- a class for supporting automated testing of validation cases (more about that later)
- a infrastructure that allows pyFoam-utilities to pass data via pipes in a flexible form

gschaider March 14, 2013 13:07

Release 0.6.0
To celebrate todays date (Pi day I drop a new release of PyFoam on the unsuspecting world.

The change from 0.5.x to 0.6.x should indicate that the release is looking into the future, but might break compatibilities too: 95% of this new release run on Python3 (which has been the python of the futures for a couple of years and is scheduled for world domination in 2.47 years) as well as Python 2 (which most current machines run on). This is possible thanks to the awesome six-library creates an interface to hide differences between 2 and 3. The downside is that python 2.4 and older (which is still used on clusters with very conservative distributions) will not work (and there may be issues with python 2.5 in some cases). If you have to use such an ancient python I recommend sticking with the previous release.

Another thing that adds an incompatibility for a smaller portion of the users is the inclusion of a new templating library This allows utilities like to have loops, conditions and other nice stuff in templates. If you have been relying on this utility then there is a number of command-line switches to make it behave like the old version.

Two significant additions from external contributors are:
- Bruno Santos (aka The Wyldckat) supplied patches that allow running pyFoam on Windows
- Marc Immer extended so that for the creation of blocks and patches the vertices can be selected in the GUI

Other notable changes are:
- hooks that are executed before and after a solver is run. Concrete examples are a hook that records runs in a database and a hook that connects to a webservice (concrete use case is a service like where a finished case triggers a notification on your phone)
- The Runner class records more info about the run (amongst them warning and error messages) and stores them in a pickle file
- has been enhanced and should work even if the pyFoam-Version is not yet working. Please use it to report problems
- allows using templates (based on the templating mechanism described above)
- the parser is now able to parse binary files
- now reports estimated end-times (for runs started with pyFoam)

There is also a number of other changes and bug fixes.
An almost complete list of the changes can be found at:

As the sourceforge-SVN of openfoam-extend is currently not working there are currently two tars with the release to download: one that is more fit for users (with installer and source documentation) and one that "only" has the contents of the SVN (but includes for instance the unit-tests. BTW: all these work with python 2.5 to 3.3)

PyFoam does not support the additions to the dictionary syntax in OF 2.2 but of course cooperates with 2.2 as long as the dictionaries do not use these features

gschaider June 11, 2013 23:12

Release 0.6.1
A minor update release for PyFoam that was created for the USB-stick given away at the 8th OpenFOAM Workshop is now available through the usual channels. Changes include (check out the Release notes):

- Improvements to the
- now uses the same templating options as (if you're using templates)
- Improvements to that allow tracking library problems
- now allows creating "symlinked" cases and there is a utility to deal with this
- Commonly used files (Allrun etc) are automatically picked up by
- other stuff

gschaider November 7, 2013 08:40

Release 0.6.2
Already announced it on Twitter (@swakPyFoam): a new release 0.6.2 of PyFoam is out. The main changes of this release have to do with the way data is passed to other Python-libraries and it is now possible to do all the things described in the presentation held at the OSCFD 13

For details on the release have a look at

Some highlights are:
- use of pandas for exporting application data. This is especially interesting together with
- interactive shell (possibly ipython) that makes all the application data available after execution especially as
- the tools for numeric data analysis now export numpy or pandas-data
- geeks everywhere will appreciate the possibility to use the XKCD-option of matplotlib
- more flexibility in (allowing it to plot distributions)
- specify options to gnuplot in customRegexp
- new utility that allows to compress field files in a case that was written with uncompressed

And a number of other enhancements and bugfixes (its all in the release notes)

gschaider July 1, 2014 17:49

New Release of PyFoam is out. Download it as usual from

A detailed list of changes is found at

As usual there is a number of bug-fixes and enhancements. There are two new utilities: helps setting up a case from template-files and sets up IPython-Notebooks that fetch data. Both are described in this presentation:

gschaider December 1, 2014 19:53

Those following @swakPyFoam on Twitter already know: the new version of PyFoam has been out for a week and can be downloaded from

Detailed release notes are found at (it starts with requirements and problems. The interesting stuff is further down)

Major changes are:
- Multi-line regular expressions in customRegexp
- Enhancement of
- Enhancements of the CSV-utilities
- Environment variable PYFOAM_SITE_DIR for a place to install user-extensions
- Bugfixes
- Three new utilities:, and
- a number of enhancements to existing functionality

This release (as have been the previous ones) work with Python 2 and Python 3

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