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gocarts September 16, 2011 10:19

New Release ofgpu v0.2: GPU Linear Solvers for OpenFOAM
The latest release of Symscape's ofgpu (v0.2) for OpenFOAMŪ 2.0.x is now available. ofgpu is an experimental linear solver library that targets NVIDIA CUDA GPU devices on Windows, Linux, and (untested) Mac OS X.

ofgpu now has support for the Cusp preconditioners:
  • smoothed_aggregation - equivalent to Algebraic Multi-Grid (AMG)
  • scaled_bridson_ainv
  • bridson_ainv
  • nonsym_bridson_ainv
Also supported is the option to select the GPU device.

For more details see "GPU v0.2 Linear Solver Library for OpenFOAM".

OpenFOAM is a registered trademark of SGI Corp. and is unaffiliated with Symscape.

Bernhard September 19, 2011 08:52

Nice work. I hope I will be able to compile this on a GPU cluster and perform some benchmark tests giving speed up result in the future. If you are or have been performing these tests, please share!

gocarts September 19, 2011 09:09

Single CUDA Device
Hi Bernard,

Thanks for your supportive comments. I just wanted to clarify that at present ofgpu only supports a single CUDA device, i.e., no clusters.

I've not yet focused on benchmarking, so any results you can share would be useful.


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