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jola September 30, 2011 14:07

New OpenFOAM Verification & Validation Forum Opened
We have opened a new OpenFOAM Verification and Validation Forum here at CFD Online. You can find the new forum here:

Please use this forum for verificiation and validation discussions and reports. It is not a forum for questions for help, there are other forums for that.

holger_marschall October 1, 2011 12:12

Hi Jonas,

this is great, Thanks! :)

This is very useful to foster discussion around V&V cases for OpenFOAM! I will suggest to
  • collect all available information on currently released tutorial cases
    (original publications, data, V&V strategies, etc. - this information is currently scattered around at different places),
  • propose new test cases for both validation and verification of OpenFOAM, covering numerical, analytical and experimental benchmarks
  • suggest error measures and provide OF utilities for V&V tasks.
Of course, not being able to reproduce the result(s) as required by a given validation or verification benchmark(!), could be discussed thoroughly as well in order to figure out whether it is due to a possible bug (-> bug report) or it is related to other errors (settings).

In any way, IMO this is a great place for discussing on OpenFOAM V&V cases, which are most likely somewhat scattered around, however, on the desks of its users in academia and industry.

best regards,

wyldckat October 1, 2011 17:21

Greetings to both!

Might I suggest moving the following threads to the new forum?
They're somewhat recent and have just the right content for the new forum :)

Best regards,

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