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vinezio April 26, 2012 18:17

Problem with SteamLine
Hi Foamers,
I'm Vincenzo and I have some problems with steamline in my solution. When I generate a map in Paraview I get image like these
Instead, the result must be similar following
Why the results obtained are difI would ask What's happen?

wyldckat April 26, 2012 18:29

Greetings Vincenzo and welcome to the forum!

Quick questions:
  • What type of streamline did you choose? Point source, line source or some other?
  • What were the parameters you used for the generation of those streamlines?
  • Is that the result of a single streamline filter or several?
Possible solution: define a longer streamline on the second tab of the object inspector, if I'm not mistaken...

Best regards,

vinezio April 28, 2012 10:08

Hi Bruno,
I'm sending the properties about steamline, where I use point source to generate steamline.

I don't understand when you say: single or several steamline filter?


wyldckat April 28, 2012 13:28

Hi Vincenzo,


Originally Posted by vinezio (Post 358034)
I don't understand when you say: single or several steamline filter?

When using a point source, I sometimes apply the streamline filter more than once to the original data, but place the source point for each filter at different places. This way it's possible to focus more on certain parts, although the independent streamlines from each filter don't connect to each other.

You might also be interested in the following thread:

Best regards,

vinezio April 30, 2012 18:00

Hi Bruno,
I tried to follow your advice but however it doesn't work. I suspect in my simulation there is something wrong.

For example, when I run my solver (simpleFoam), after about 600 iterations, the scalar p is stopped, but simulation go on for 2700 iterations. Infact I see the message: no iteration 1000. Why happen? What's mean? :confused:

I send you the main folders of my case

Regards, Vincenzo

wyldckat May 1, 2012 06:13

Hi Vincenzo,

Unfortunately I don't have enough experience to help you on this. Perhaps it's best that you ask this last question on the other dedicated sub-forum:

Best regards,

MartinB May 1, 2012 09:45

Hi Vincenzo,

The "no iteration 1000" means: "number of iterations for pressure solver = 1000 iterations". The solution of the pressure equation system can't be improved any more.
Your simulations convergence is fine and your initial residual for the pressure is already really low (for your mesh) after 700 iterations.

You can add this line to the p solver settings in fvSolution:

maxIter 50; // Default value is 1000;
This will speed up your simulation significantly.


vinezio May 24, 2012 10:17

Thanks so much Martin, now i'm spending my time in better way, fortunately. thanks Bruno, you are the light in the darkness XD

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