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Arnoldinho July 12, 2012 03:19

Visualize pointSet in ParaView
Hi all,

I have created a pointSet and want to visualize it in ParaView now. Therefore I did 'foamToVTK -pointSet surfPointsSet' (with surfPointsSet being the file name). After loading the data in ParaView (over parafoam), nothing is displayed!
I guess/know that the points are there, as I can show the color legend showing the correct poinID range, i.e. min. and max. point numbers. But whatever I try under Display, no points are shown.

Any hints?

wyldckat July 12, 2012 04:45

Greetings Arne,

Apply the Glyphs filter and use a sphere as glyph. That's the only way that I know of for seeing both point and surface fields that are generated by OpenFOAM.

Best regards,

Arnoldinho July 12, 2012 04:58

Thanks Bruno,

that did it! Although its not that nice and handy, at least I can see something :).


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