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dancfd August 19, 2012 17:50

Plot Angle of Attack Next to Transient Pitching Airfoil
Hello all,

I am running a simulation of a 2-D airfoil that is oscillating in the pitch axis, and I would like to be able to plot the angle of attack of the airfoil vs time (or even just show the angle of attack) in paraview next to the domain, where I show a surface plot of the pressures or velocities. Does anyone have an idea of how I can do this? I also do not know of a way to output the angle of attack - perhaps this could be calculated from the ux uy components in paraview and then plotted? I have worked out the angle of attack manually, but that does not help me much for paraview.

Thanks for any advice,


Tarak April 29, 2013 12:50

Hii Dan,

Can you please tell if you managed to do that?


dancfd April 29, 2013 21:05

Hello Tarak,

I found a way to show the angle of attack in text using the filter PythonAnnotation. To use this, you will need to compile paraView with python enabled. The only way I could make this work was by downloading and compiling version 3.98, running it via a desktop link, and opening a .foam case file, generated by running "touch <casefolder>" in the case directory.

I used the following formula to calculate alpha:
"Alpha: %.2f deg" % (10+5*sin(t_value*5.4))

I hope this helps.


Tarak May 1, 2013 11:35

Thanks a lot, Dan!!

kiddmax June 20, 2013 10:38

Dear Dan,

I am also going to do some simulations about pitching and plunging airfoil. Could you give me some hints how to do that? Is there some example I can follow?

Best regards,

dancfd June 25, 2013 21:02

Hello Ye,

I have been able to reproduce pitching airfoil results by using rhoCentralFoam. I have not played with plunging, though - why would you need both? The pitch motion in experiments is generally used to model the effect of plunging on the angle of attack. I was unable to make the mesh geometry move to produced the angle of attack, so I had to use a time-varying velocity boundary condition.

I hope this helps.


faraz22 October 24, 2013 00:37

Hello, is there any way to calculate AOA for 3D case or visualise it in Paraview or any utility in opefoam for calculating exact angle of attack at various sections for twisted teetered blade? any help? i did it manually but i want to counter check my results.


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