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serena September 7, 2012 05:37

Paraview: how to plot streamlines and surface mesh together
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It's probably just a stupid question, but well...
I need to plot the streamlines around a wheel.
In the mesh parts I have
1) an outer mesh (If I plot the wireframe of the outer mesh I can see in the middle the streamlines but it's a bit chaotic)
2) the wheel_* patches that are the surface meshes of the model inside the outer mesh.
I would like to plot those wheel_* patch mesh surfaces and the streamlines, together.

How to?

serena September 7, 2012 21:14

I try to explain me better:

I have an external mesh and when I plot it I can see the streamlines together. But I can't see them well because the wireframe of the external mesh covers them. What I just want to see are the surfaces of the model with around the streamlines. So I plot the surfaces of the model and hide the external mesh. I would like to hide just the external mesh but also the streamlines desappear.

If you have time to give it a try check the files at

wyldckat September 8, 2012 15:04

Greetings Serena,

If I understand you correctly, what you seem to be doing wrong is to try and use only one file object for both representations.

The trick is to load the same file twice:
  • One for the surfaces.
  • Another for the volume data, where you hide the mesh and should only the streamlines ;)
Best regards,

serena September 9, 2012 22:13

Thank you so much Bruno!

Very nice trick, works:)!


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