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FB87 September 11, 2012 09:51

ploting velocity with averaged values in z-direction
Hi everyone!

I'm currently trying to evaluate my recent LES-Simulation of the flow around a discrete roughness element.

My goal is to get the velocity distribution from the wall all the way to the free stream at the top of my mesh. So far I was able to plot said distribution by using the "plot over line" filter, but this only gives me the values on that exact line.

My question is: Is it somehow possible to draw a similar line on a fixed x-value from 0 < y < y_max and calculate the average in z-direction for every single cell that intersects with this line? (To clarify: I just need the average in one direction, not over a plane or the average of the whole line etc. ;) )

I would be thankful for any advice on the subject!

If it helps: I'm currently using paraView 3.12.0

Best regards,


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