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phsieh2005 October 16, 2012 10:43

native openFoam reader in ParaView-3.14.1?
Dear Paraview experts,

I compiled paraview-3.14.1 from source. After I completed an OpenFOAM case, I did "touch plot.foam". Then, started paraview and opened plot.foam. The data are not quite what I expected. When I switched to paraview-3.12 (compiled from ThirdParty) and used paraFoam, everything looked great.

Do I need to compile openFoam plugin for paraview-3.14? Or, am I not using paraview-3.14 correctly?



wyldckat October 18, 2012 04:00

Hi Pei-Ying,


Originally Posted by phsieh2005 (Post 386905)
The data are not quite what I expected.

Any specific details you can provide? It might be due to some option you didn't turn on or off, but without any more information...

I think there has already been a bug report on what needs to be fixed for OpenFOAM's own plugin to build with ParaView 3.14.1... here we go:

The settings for the ParaView environment are located at "etc/config/", if I remember correctly. You'll need to update them for the plugin to build with the desired ParaView version.

Best regards,

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