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werweisswas December 10, 2012 07:18

Tube filter in Paraview
Hi all,
I am a beginner in using Paraview. Hopefully someone can be of help here.
I have been trying to do the following.
1.) Generate a line using Polydata in vtk format and assign it color
before hand. The color coding of the line is something i need.
2.) Read the file in paraview and apply the tube filter on it to create
tube like display on the lines.

Here is the problem: The color of the tube is different from the color of
the "source" line used to generate the tube. The tube is displayed in the pipeline browser amd the color of the tube is different from the line in the display. No amount of reediting sofar i tried, helped. However if i save the state and re-read the (tube) file , the coloring of the tube corresponds exactly to the line which was used to generate the tube!!! There must be something with the display/coloring options that i am unable to grasp. Can someone suggest a way in which i can avoid having to re-read the file and apply the same coloring to the tubes as the underlying lines?

Many thanks in advance...

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