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hiasl January 5, 2013 14:28

Plot velocityparts in x,y,z direction over line
Hey everybody,

can anybody tell me how to plot each velocitypart in x,y,z-direction over a line from my vtk-file? I simulate with OpenFOAM and use paraview for postprocessing.
Thank you!


wyldckat January 7, 2013 16:33

Greetings Matthias,

If I understand your question, then this should do the trick:
  1. In ParaView, use the filter "Plot over a line" on your ".OpenFOAM" file.
  2. Then a graphic should appear on the right. Click on the graphic, so that it will select it.
  3. To the left, on the Object Inspector, select the Display tab and then in the table "Line Series" you'll see the variables that you can turn on and off! There you can turn on the "U (*)" values!
Best regards,

hiasl January 7, 2013 19:40

ah thank you so much!!

Greetings from Germany


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