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immortality April 18, 2013 11:38

A paraview execution error
why does this error occure?

ehsan@Ehsan-com:~/Desktop/shock tube and backwars/backward_step_U_groovyBC$ paraFoam
created temporary 'backward_step_U_groovyBC.OpenFOAM'
fileName::stripInvalid() called for invalid fileName /home/ehsan/Desktop/shocktubeandbackwars/backward_step_U_groovyBC/backward_step_U_groovyBC.OpenFOAM
    For debug level (= 2) > 1 this is considered fatal

wyldckat April 18, 2013 17:42

You didn't look carefully enough at this ;) - compare:

~/Desktop/shock tube and backwars/backward_step_U_groovyBC

Notice something missing?

After so much time using OpenFOAM, don't you know it is allergic to spaces in names? :D

The allergic reaction is due to the method "fileName::stripInvalid()", which removes illegal characters. Spaces are considered illegal for OpenFOAM, because C++ does not allow spaces in variable names.

immortality April 19, 2013 01:57

yes.thanks.i moved the like cases all to a new folder and didn't think the folder name is important too !
If you don't finish helping i should thank you very much for helping more and more useful so far and promise to name you and thank you and Bernhard specially and all my friends in CFD-ONLINE (all have advice or only have quarreled ;) ) as a whole,in my thesis defence meeting(or session is correct word?) ;)

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