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mzweemer May 3, 2013 07:20

Cell selection with cylinder shape using frustum
Dear all,

I'm currently analyzing my OpenFoam runs by the use of Paraview, which looks very nice. At this moment I want to analyze the change of some parameter on specific cells in my mesh; the outer cells of a cylinder. Hereby I want to view the data for these cells only and tried the use of frustum in the selection inspector. The problem is that I can only select a cubic shape in the 'Select Cells through' option, and I want to have a cylinder shape. I also implemented a cylinder source but am not able to get to the values herewith. Does someone how to tackle this?



wyldckat May 5, 2013 13:30

Greetings Matthijs,

There is a filter in ParaView called "Extract Cells By Region". It's able to handle a plane, box or sphere surface as reference for the selection zone. But there isn't one for cylinders.

From your description, I think what you're looking for is to create a "cellZoneSet" or "cellSet", based on the geometry of a cylinder, by either selecting the inside or outside of the zone of interest. Search the forum for "setSet" and "topoSet", and you should find several points of interest.

As for later representing these zones/sets in ParaView, look carefully at the "Properties" tab on the lower left side of the screen. Activate the "zones" option, hit the button "Apply" and then select the respective zone/set on the lists on that tab, as if it were a patch name or field. Then hit the button "Apply" once again.

Best regards,

JR22 May 5, 2013 15:16

Hi Matthijs,

There are two other paths as well. Option 1 is in the case your cylinder comes from your model, option 2 is if your cylinder is created after your solver gave you results:
  1. To separate all pre-defined Regions: Export to VTK using OpenFOAM's foamToVTK utility (from the command line within your case directory). This will create folders/files with independent VTK's. Then use paraview to load the files independently.
  2. To extract a region within a paraview Source volume/surface: Follow the directions in post #13 of this thread: . The difference is that the thread's paraview Source element is a surface and not a volume, but it should work for your cylindrical source as well.

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