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Tensian June 21, 2013 07:12

paraFoam during execution
Hi Foamers,

I am running my first simulations in OF and I have several questions.
The most important one is related to ParaView during execution of a case. I am running a steady state, incompressible case (an internal flow through a complex channel in laminar regime), so I am using simpleFoam for this stage. I write data for every 10 iterations and when I launch ParaView to see how the solution in changing with iterations, it looks like the solution (contours of pressure and velocity) loses the physical meaning (for example I expected velocities of about 5 m/s and in contours of velocity and the legend shows zones with velocities of 1000 m/s). Obviously, for a fast plot of residuals I see that the solution is not converged yet. In FLUENT if you stop simulation before itīs converged (and of course if everything is going well), you see magnitudes close to the real solution, more accurate with the progress of iterations. Is that true for OpenFOAM? Itīs to say, is it normal that ParaView shows these values at this step (400 iterations done) or have I to wait thousands of iterations and low residuals values to take in count the contour graphics at each iteration step?

Sorry for my bad English, I hope everyone have understood what I want to explain.

Thanks in advance for the answers of the users!

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