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sihaqqi July 2, 2013 22:11

exporting sample surface data in csv format

I have a query regarding exporting surface data in csv format. My project is Flow induced vibrations in which I have to do LES in openfoam and then transfer the data to Ansys Modal to do vibration analysis. I have completed LES and I have run sample command in my terminal but the samples folder I have with all time steps cannot be converted into one CSV file. Can anyone please advise.


elvis July 3, 2013 03:24


this is a postprocessing problem you should write your question in the paraview forum or

but maybe is what you need

sihaqqi July 3, 2013 04:38

Hi Elvis

I am trying to learn CFD and for this I have enrolled in postgrad MS by research program and I am only a beginner level user. This is far too complicated. I am trying to figure out the information in this link but if there is some easy method in simple English that you can tell me, I shall be grateful. I have also posted my question in one of the forums you have advised.


wyldckat July 7, 2013 06:06

Greetings to all!

I've deleted the repeated question and moved this thread to the "OpenFOAM Paraview & paraFoam" sub-forum.

@sihaqqi: Can you please describe in more detail how you used the sample command and what files you currently have got? Because right now, I can only make several guesses and I don't feel like writing them all ;)

Best regards,

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