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vishal_s July 3, 2013 08:07

Difference in magnitude in color bar and plot
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The maximum magnitude in the color bar and the in the plot are showing different.Unable to understand why?.I have attached the plot and the magnitude bar.Please tell, how to sort this problem.

Thanks in advance

wyldckat July 7, 2013 06:15

Greetings Vishal,

You're not providing much information about this, so all I can do is guess :(

My guess is that your line plot is showing values inside the volume, while on the 3D image you're seeing the surface. And if the case is not 2D, then it's very likely that the values on the surface are much higher than inside the volume.

Use the "Slice" filter in the same zone where you have got the line for the plot, so that you can properly compare the results.

Best regards,

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