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immortality August 24, 2013 01:58

why can't see phi in paraview?
in paraview how is it possible to see phi field?
I have phi field in time folders but can't be seen in paraview and isn't in fields list,why it's so?can have it to see?

wyldckat August 24, 2013 13:00

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Hi Ehsan,

"phi" is a surface field, which is usually not available to be visible with the conventional readers.

There are at least 2 ways to see this field:
  1. Rely on foamToVTK to get you the "phi" field in VTK file format:

    foamToVTK -surfaceFields -fields '(phi)'
    The files will be in the folder "VTK/surfaceFields" folder, so you'll have to open them manually in ParaView.
    • The other problem then arises, is that you have to the "Glyph" filter and choose the "Sphere" for the "Glyph" option. It's shown in attachment.
  2. Or you can build the latest "vtkPOFFReader" for ParaView, which is a more advanced version of the built-in reader in ParaView:
    If I'm not mistaken, somewhere here in the forum is explained how this plug-in can be built into ParaView. Problem is that this requires building ParaView from source code.
Best regards,

immortality August 24, 2013 16:52

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I did the 1st way,its the result,how can improve its appearance?:)

wyldckat August 24, 2013 16:59

I've never needed it much, so I never needed to figure it out. But:
  • One detail is that you can turn off the "Mask Points" option.
  • Another detail is that you can change the scale mode to off, so that the sizes are all identical, therefore making it easier to see the smaller values.
  • And to colour by the field "phi".
Beyond this, you'll have to try out the options that the "Glyph" filter gives you.

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