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immortality August 25, 2013 02:29

Having access to Time: field directly.
How can have access to the time field in paraView 3.12.0 directly not through snapshot numbers?
I want to reach exactly to .000933s before the last snapshot and I have to reach there by trial and error!
how can make this field accessible not to be grey?:)

wyldckat August 25, 2013 05:59

Hi Ehsan,

That can be made accessible from the "Animation View" controls, which are shown by selecting it in the menu "View".

Then change the "Mode" to "Real Time". The problem with this is that it will not give you a discrete position, become it provides a continuous time capability. In addition, the option "Duration" is the number of real wall clock seconds it takes to animate your simulation.

The other possibility is to set the "Mode" to "Sequence", but you must already know how many time snapshots there are, so that you can set the option "No. Frames" to the same value.

Best regards,

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