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Maick September 2, 2013 08:29

Problems with Paraview Filters- Descriptive Statistics
Hello everyone,

I am new using Linux, OF and Paraview and I am having some problems that probably you can help me to solve.

First of all, I am working with

UBUNTU 12.04

My problem is that I have tried to use the filter DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS in order to get the standard deviation for the pressure but it is not working, this is the message that I got:

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } ERROR: In /home/opencfd/OpenFOAM/ThirdParty-2.1.x/ParaView-3.12.0/ParaViewCore/VTKExtensions/vtkSciVizStatistics.cxx, line 455
vtkPSciVizDescriptiveStats (0x2aa6450): No model output dataset or incorrect type

I would like to know if maybe you know how I can solve it.

I tried to un-install Paraview 3.12 to install some other version which allow me to get the deviation, but I dunno how to do it, when I tried to remove Paraview 3.12 I got "Permission denied".

what can I do?

Thank you very much in advance

wyldckat September 4, 2013 16:43

Greetings Miguel and welcome to the forum!

This looks like to be a filter that won't work with OpenFOAM data as-is. I say this because the information provided here: - and I quote:

The dataset much contain a field array ()
If this is what I think it is, then OpenFOAM data does not provide "Field Data", only "Point Data" and "Cell Data".

More information about this filter:
  • The picture shown there indicates that the file "sampleData.vtp" is used as a source of information. Check the package that has the example data for ParaView's tutorials: - it's in the "Type of Download: Data, Documentation, and Tutorials" and it's one of the files that start with "ParaViewData". It should provide the aforementioned file inside it.
Best regards,

Maick September 5, 2013 05:22

Thank you very much for your help Bruno, I will check the links:)

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