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izna September 7, 2013 02:48

from paraview to matlab
Hey Guys..

I want to take my slice and plot it in matlab..
But when i save as .csv, the file i obtain is not what i expected in MAtlab..

help needed..:(

wyldckat September 7, 2013 11:59

Greetings izna,

Please provide more information, such as:
  1. What does the CSV file look like?
  2. What does MATLAB want to read?
  3. What commands are you using for loading into MATLAB?
  4. Have you tried the "easy importer" feature that MATLAB provides?
    1. Importing Data Files into MATLAB:
    2. Select Spreadsheet Data Using Import Tool:
Best regards,

izna September 8, 2013 07:41

1 Attachment(s)
hello Brunos..

When i saved the slice i got 6 files of .csv.
It contain my U magnitude.

i am attaching one of the files.

In Matlab i want to show the plane i have cut.. Ie i wish to display the slice with velocity vectors in matlab.

wyldckat September 8, 2013 09:42

Hi Izna,

Try the instructions given on the list item #4. In addition, near the easy data importer, there is also the easy plot tool.
Sorry, I don't know their specific names, but they are mentioned in the links on my previous post.

As for the data, a quick look at the image, and I can't find anything wrong with it. You should be able to import the data to MATLAB.

Best regards,

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