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Tobi September 16, 2013 12:37

Paraview on Ubuntu
Hello all,

as Bruno mentioned in this thread:

I can compile Paraview in Ubuntu.


apt-get install paraview
everything was installed but after starting paraview I get the following error:

paraview: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
MPI is installed on my computer, and the file which is missing is available:

shor-ty@cfd:~$ ls /usr/lib/

Can someone give me an advice?

Thanks Tobi

wyldckat September 27, 2013 19:03

Hi Tobi,

Sorry for the late reply, but only now did I manage to get an idea (and time) on this: I'm guessing that the problem is that you have a conflict of ParaView versions. Or more specifically in this case, you might have a conflict of Open-MPI versions.

The idea is that when you want to use the ParaView version that Ubuntu provides, you should start it from the main applications menu, not from the terminal. Or use a clean terminal window that does not have the OpenFOAM environment loaded on the shell (Advanced tips for working with the OpenFOAM shell environment).

The other idea is that to avoid conflicts of Open-MPI versions, you should always use the Open-MPI version provided by Ubuntu. In other words, use "WM_MPLIB=SYSTEMOPENMPI" as explained here:

Best regards,

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