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jonathanbyrn September 25, 2013 07:10

setting up pvpython to act like parafoam
I used trace to generate a python script that would add a slice to a model and render it. It works fine when I run:
but it opens up paraview to do the rendering. I wanted to do all this from the commandline so I tried using pvpython and pvbatch but they cannot find the source.

I examined the the paraFoam script and it seems to be creating a config file that specifies the initial source but when I open x.OpenFOAM but there is nothing in it.

My question is how do I get pvpython to load my source in the same way paraFoam does?

I also tried but it seems to be expecting an older version of paraview, has it been deprecated?

jonathanbyrn September 26, 2013 09:42

It turns out paraFoam just creates a dummy file, e.g.; cfd.OpenFOAM and then calls paraview with the command:

paraview --data=cfd.OpenFOAM

The equivalent can be done in a pvpython script by calling:

cfd_OpenFOAM = PV3FoamReader( FileName='/home/cfd/cfd.OpenFOAM' )

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