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sai.patil October 30, 2013 14:24

getting problem in post processing
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hello everyone....m new to openFoam as well as CFD.
I'm trying solve one simple probem on turbulence modelling in OpenFoam...simpleFoam solver
bt I'm getting some problems in postprocessing in paraView
please help me...
attaching some snapshots...
why those gray patches appearing..?

wyldckat November 1, 2013 19:32

Greetings Sai and welcome to the forum!

Can you provide a snapshot of how you've configured the "Mesh Parts" section and the "Object Inspector" section?
I ask this because I suspect that more than one mesh part was selected and that is why there are grey zones. More specifically, you might be seeing the surface mesh overlapping the internal mesh.

In addition, did you have any problems with the OpenFOAM tutorials from the User Guide?

Best regards,

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