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orkavic December 16, 2013 09:29

Problem showing flow around propeller in Paraview
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I am working on a problem of my own which was adapted from the propeller case in Pimpledymfoam. I am a novice with PF so I am not really familiar on how to get things to show up. I have run the case and now I would like to see my results in paraview. How do I obtain images of the flow around my propeller (like the one seen in the example picture below)? I have tried everything without any luck.

wyldckat December 25, 2013 12:02

Greetings orkavic,

First, one very important question: did you follow with success the tutorials on the OpenFOAM User Guide? Namely the ones shown here:

Second question: the attached image seems to be showing a section-cut, with the representation of the magnitude of U. This can be done with the Slice filter and then by choosing the U field and magnitude.
To have a better perception, search for the Figure 2.4 in this page:

Best regards,

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