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rinaoldek November 18, 2008 09:46

Hi, I have generated a mesh

I have generated a mesh using FoamX, however, when using the command of "paraFoam...." the paraview box opens,and when I push the accept button nothing happens. It doesn't give me any warning.

What is the problem


musahossein February 12, 2009 13:56

You have to select the availab
You have to select the available meshes and patch and click on accept. Then click on the dsiplay tab, and select the wireframe option. The mesh should then show. if it still does not show, then open your foam case in a new terminal, load parafaom and go thru the steps again.


prettyflower February 24, 2009 09:57

Hi, I have a problem with p

I have a problem with paraview when I ran cavity tutorial,when I ran paraview after icofoam command,paraview is opended but nothings is displayed even eye shape in near cavity.foam.
I don't know why.
everything is ok when generating mesh with polyMesh
and solving problem by icoFoam command.
please help me.

musahossein February 24, 2009 10:33

Amin: How did you run the p

How did you run the problem? If you did not use allrun, then you would have to execute the processes separately in order to create output. Common processes that you have to run are:
1. Blockmesh
2. Setfields
3. IcoFoam (or whatever solver you need to run).

To determine whether any output has been generated, just check the directory . You should see folders for each timestep in the directory if output has been generated.


prettyflower February 26, 2009 04:06

Hello Dear Musa; yes I make
Hello Dear Musa;

yes I make a mistake to run paraFoam command.

thanks for your help and your attention.

best regard

sparbroetchen July 12, 2009 12:47

Same Problem

I just tried to Install OpenFOAM and so far everything worked fine. As the Installation Guide said, I tried to solve the cavity case.
  1. blockMesh
  2. icoFoam
  3. paraFoam
After exeuting ParaFoam Paraview opened but nothing was displayed. I think this is the same problem discussed in that thread. No error message ocuured.

Can you help me?

best regard


IGG July 19, 2009 15:07

Hi everybody,

I have the same problem that Sebastian. I can see nothing in the cavity example of the user's guide. There was no error message, first i write blockMesh, then paraFoam, icoFoam and paraFoam again (in a terminal). First time when i run paraview i can't see the mesh and second time i can't see nothing.

When i wrote first, the next messages appeared in the terminal:

get fences failed: -1
param: 6, val: 0

Could anybody hel us please?

Thank you very much!

sparbroetchen July 23, 2009 07:03

no figure plottet

I compiled it again, and then it worked. Can you attach a screenshot of your paraFoam?

If it doesn't work, try the foamToVTK tool.



IGG July 23, 2009 08:17

Hi Sebastian!

So did you have the same problem? What can i do to compile the Paraview module? Was it included in the ThirdParty pack?

I'll attach a screenshot this afternoon.

IGG July 23, 2009 12:21

Good afternoon,

Here are the captures. As you can see, nothing can be watched. A can't understand where is the problem...

sparbroetchen July 23, 2009 12:58

no figure plotted
Hello Igor,

I solved the Problem by compiling paraview.

Did you try to use foamToVTK ? This will create vtk files, which can be opened with paraView.
Just start paraview and the open the vtk - file. If this doesn't work I have no idea...



sparbroetchen July 23, 2009 13:14

Compiling ParaView

to use the foamToVTK there's no need to compile paraview. The difference is, that you can't start paraview with the paraFoam command. Use the paraview command instead.

Can you tell me, what ubunut version you have?



IGG July 23, 2009 13:29

Hi Sebastian, thank you for your fast answer.

I have Ubuntu 9.0.4 and i tried foamToVTK command and it works!!!But for the cavity example it creates 6 files, and i think each of them are different time steps, so if i open a file, i cannot go directly to the next time step without closing the active file...I realized that an openFOAM flie extension is not created either when i make icoFoam in the terminal. I don't know if it is common?

Could you tell me how to compile paraView? Is it in ThirParty folder?

I am a Ubuntu very begginer, so excuse me please.

sparbroetchen July 23, 2009 13:35

compiling doesn't work wit5h Ubuntu 9.04
I also tried to compile OpenFOAM in Ubuntu 9.04, and that didn't work, because openFoam need qt 4.3 for compiling. Ubuntu 9.04 delivers only QT 4.4. So I installed Ubuntu 8.04 and now it works really fine. I've written a howTo for Installing OpenFOAM, but it's in German. The Compiler is in the ThirPartyPackage.



IGG July 23, 2009 13:42

Ok. Thanks to a post here i think i have openFOAM running on this Ubuntu 9.0.4 version. I think it solves and it gives no error.

Do you think I can't see openFoam flies in paraView because i have Ubuntu 9.0.4?

sparbroetchen July 23, 2009 13:55

Ubuntu 9.04
paraview alone works fine, because the vtk - import seems to work. The problem is, that the paraFoam command doesn't work properly. the easiest way is, to use Ubuntu 8.04 instead of 9.04.

IGG July 23, 2009 13:59

Ok, i'll see what i do...

Could i work whit VTK files, or are they just a patch and is better to work on ubuntu 8.0.4?

sparbroetchen July 23, 2009 14:15

You could work with vtk files. They are nescessary if you want to do your postprocessing under windows.

The disatvantage is, that you can't animate your results.



IGG July 23, 2009 14:22

Thank you very much Sebastian.

Best regards,


jploz August 16, 2009 18:12

I faced the problem described above as well when installing OpenFOAM 1.6.x and ParaView 3.6.1 on a machine running Ubuntu 9.04: no output in paraFoam but using the VTK converter works.

I solved the problem following this advice:


I guess your ParaView (PV3FoamReader) is affected by a problem which is reportedly occurs only when ParaView built with Qt 4.5.x is run under certain locales [1]. Try running paraFoam after running "export LC_ALL=C". If it works, write the "export LC_ALL=C" line into somewhere in the paraFoam script for later convenience.
Everything works fine now!


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