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deinstein November 11, 2008 14:09

Hi, Sorry if this thread e

Sorry if this thread exists elsewhere. I did look. I am able to run simulations in OF and view the results in paraFoam. I can view the animations I create on screen. However, when I go to save the animations, I get all black frames. This is on a Mac OSX Leopard. Has anyone encountered this before?


maruthamuthu_venkatraman January 27, 2009 10:08

Hello Daniel Einstein,
Hello Daniel Einstein,
If you have fixed the problem, let me know from you... The jpg files are just looking black and no data is stored for making movies.. OpenFoam was run Ubuntu 8.1...

mike_jaworski January 27, 2009 11:40

You may want to look at the fo
You may want to look at the forum thread here. It has a link to a method where you have to edit the ParaView source to disable off screen rendering which, apparently, causes Mac's a problem.

Good luck!
Mike J.

Titus May 1, 2010 15:29

On the PC the avi's rendered on the mac are ok !
I experienced the same: In paraview 3.3.0 that came with OpenFoam 1.5 compiled for mac from the ETH. (

I did disable off screen rendering but without effect. The strange thing is that on a PC with RealPlayer the avi's, rendered on the mac, are ok. but not so with Quicktime or RealPlayer on the mac (osx 10.5).

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