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hsieh November 22, 2008 12:47

Hi, OpenFOAMers: Current Op
Hi, OpenFOAMers:

Current OpenFOAM works with paraview 3.3, correct? Has anyone tried compiling paraview 3.4? I am not talking about using foamToVTK. I am interested in using paraFoam. Thanks!


gschaider November 22, 2008 13:08

Hi Pei! Have a look at my p
Hi Pei!

Have a look at my posting this week:


hsieh November 22, 2008 16:22

Hi, Bernhard, Thanks a lot
Hi, Bernhard,

Thanks a lot for the reply. I will give it a try tonight.


PS: I did do some search on the forum before I posted. I should have done a more thorough search first.

rishi123 January 26, 2009 14:06

Hi Bernhard. Could you pl.
Hi Bernhard.

Could you pl. help me out with installin paraview 3.4 in mandriva 2009.

At present OpenFoam1.5 uses paraview 3.3 which is havin a problem with the qt version. the pv3.3 requires qt 4.3 but i suppose that pv3.4 doesn't have any such sort of restraints.

Buddy counting on you.


gschaider January 26, 2009 15:31

Hi Rishi! I don't know noth
Hi Rishi!

I don't know nothing about Mandriva. Am not sure about the requirements for pv3.4 but I'm afraid it'll need at least the same qt-version (if not higher) as pv3.3


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