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johan October 14, 2008 03:32

Hi! I'm using the engineFoa

I'm using the engineFoam tutorial and want to plot the change in pressure for a point in the cylinder for different times (crank angles). Now I have plotted pressure over a line in the cylinder, and I get a plot of the pressure over this line for every time step (crank angle), and if I shorten the line it is approximately a point. Of course I can browse through all these plots to see how the pressure increases/decreases.

But how do I do to plot the pressure of a point directly against the time?

I appreciate any hints.



bobatpurdue October 14, 2008 08:21

Johan, I assume you are cur
I assume you are currently using Paraview to create these plot. You may concider using the sampling utility in OpenFOAM. This will extract the pressure (or other parameters) at each time step. Then use your favorite plotting package. See
for details.


johan October 15, 2008 03:08

Thanks a lot Bob, this seems t
Thanks a lot Bob, this seems to be very useful!


fong909 November 11, 2008 20:56

Bob, I am so sorry I don't

I am so sorry I don't know how to get the data. In the tutorial "solidDisplacementFoam", how can I get the data (pressure versus time or U versus time)? Where did these data store?


lhcamilo November 12, 2008 08:21

This may sound like (and proba
This may sound like (and probably is) a very dumb question(so bear with me), I had a naca0012 profile wing which I solved with simpleFoam, I wa wondering if it was possible to extract the pressure distribution (data) along the surface (cross-section) of the wing.

I though that sampleSurfDict would do that trick but I still was not able to find the data distribution over the surface

any tips?

thanks in advance


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