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aunola October 4, 2008 15:35

I'm having no success with vol
I'm having no success with volume rendering. According to the Paraview Guide ch.4 this should be pretty straight forward: just select volume rendering, and it should work provided the mesh is all-tetrahedra.

Regardless of whether I first tetrahedralize the mesh via a filter or not I get the same behaviour: OpenGLProjectedTetrahedraMapper is executed (as indicated below the viewer window) repeatedly and for a very long time. When it finaly terminates, whenever I select something, like adjusting the opacity or choosing a filter, it starts all over. And while all this is going on, I never get an actual volume rendering.

I tried a small 1 million cell case, and after 1 hour I still had not gotten a volume rendering.

I'm running Fedora 9, 1.5.x build from sources, qt-4.3.2 build from sources and paraview 3.3 build from sources.

Anyone with similar problems ?

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