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sega July 2, 2008 14:02

Hello World. I'm experienci
Hello World.

I'm experiencing some problems with ParaView.
When trying to produce a MPEG-File of my simulations ParaView is sometimes stuck while doing the PVGeometryFiler. This process is taking very long and is delaying the complete system.
Sometimes even the clock is not counting further. I can move the mouse, so the system is not completely at halt.

This problem is random, I can't reproduce it, but it's happening more often.
I can solve the problem by restarting the system and trying again.

Does anybody have an idea what may be wrong?

mbeaudoin July 2, 2008 15:28

Hi Sebastian, Are you buy a
Hi Sebastian,

Are you buy any chance writing your MPEG file in a directory located on a NFS mounted partition?

Do you have the same problem if, for instance, you move your case to /tmp on your local workstation, and generate your MPEG file from there instead?


sega July 2, 2008 16:12

Hello Martin. I'm using Ope
Hello Martin.

I'm using OpenFOAM in a Linux virtual environment ( under Windows Vista.

May this be the problem?


mbeaudoin July 2, 2008 17:14

Hey Sebastian, >I'm using O
Hey Sebastian,

>I'm using OpenFOAM in a Linux virtual environment >( under Windows Vista.
>May this be the problem? Maybe...

Try to run another CPU intensive AND file I/O intensive application with this setup, just to see if you can reproduce the same kind of behavior.

And next time you ask for help, please take the time to present a more complete "view" of your special setup.

Using OF through a Virtual environment on top of Vista is not necessarily a lightweight nor "standard" approach.

Good luck.


sega August 31, 2008 07:50

Well yes, the setup is far fro
Well yes, the setup is far from "lightweight".
But the calculations go pretty well and fast.

I have seen that the Keyframe Animation allways crashes after 139 Frames ...
Strange? ...

7islands August 31, 2008 10:15

Hi Sebastian, If it indeed
Hi Sebastian,

If it indeed looks like a bug in ParaView, it might be an idea to post your problem description to the ParaView mailing list or the bug tracker. ParaView does have an awful lot of similar bugs (looks to be working fine at first sight but goes wrong at some point


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