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axl July 11, 2008 06:37

I'm doing several simulations
I'm doing several simulations of a similar case (3D-Airfoil) and want to reuse the post-processing settings.
It is possible to save states with paraview, but if you load a state you also load the input data you saved it with. Is there a possibility to change the input data?

Even for the same simulation, it is not possible to reuse the paraview state for the new time folders.

I tried both, foamToVTK under Linux (pv 3.2.1) and Windows (pv 3.3.0) and pvFoam (actually just creating a x.foam file and reading it with Takuyas modified paraview 3.2.1 for windows)

Help is greatly appreciated, since at the moment I always have to recreate the postprocessing steps for each simulation.

Thanks, Axel

nikos July 11, 2008 08:29

Hi Axel pvs file state is an
Hi Axel
pvs file state is an ascci file, so you can open it with a text file editor and change every file name where it appears


axl July 11, 2008 12:05

Hmm, yeah, I had a look into i
Hmm, yeah, I had a look into it, but it looks quite complicated to also add new time folders, they have to be in there as well...

I managed to find out another workaround, but this somehow doesn't work always. Load the saved state and load the new file into paraview as well. Then Use the change input command on the first filter directly connected to the old file and redirect it to the new file.
You should add a filter that does nothing as the first filter (e.g. calculator), thus you just have to do this 'change input' once, and all filters below will follow.

Just play a bit around, sometimes I got these small green arrows and couldn't delete the old file, no clue why.

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