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mlarenas January 23, 2008 11:03

Hi, I'm just beginning with O
I'm just beginning with OpenFoam and I've been working on a 3d mesh. As it says in the UserGuide, you have to extract the Internal Mesh to plot the streamlines... but I need to plot them through the entire 3d geometry! is there a way to perform this?

I would really appreciate any help


alexandrepereira June 2, 2008 18:34

Hi I can plot streamlines i

I can plot streamlines in an extracted mesh in ParaFoam ( Paraview 2.4.4 ). I am using OpenFOAM 1.4.1, the issue is that some of the streamlines break in a nonphysical fashion... they just get interrupted, it happens with large cases 2.5 M cells,
i am running OF in Ubuntu 7.10 w/ 2GB memory and an ATI Radeon Mobility x2300...

Is there any form of fixing this ( besides the obvious one of running a smaller case... :-) ) ?

It it some kind of bug already fixed in Paraview 3.x, or is it OS specific...?

Thanks in advance


7islands June 2, 2008 20:01

Hi Alexandre, Does your mesh
Hi Alexandre,
Does your mesh contain polyhedral (incl. split-hex) cells? If that's the case try foamToVTK instead of directly reading your case with paraFoam. foamToVTK does a better job in decomposing polyhedral cells than paraFoam's on-the-fly decomposer, which largely affects the behavior of the streamline filter.


alexandrepereira June 3, 2008 10:00

Hi Oshima Takuya, Thanks fo
Hi Oshima Takuya,

Thanks for your fast answer. I can do that allrignt :
foamToVTK . mycase -ascii -allPatches -fields "(U p k epsilon phi)" -time 3.2

as an example, but the issue is that i do not know how to manipulate the VTK database, extract its features, etc...

In paraFoam environment i would simply extract the internal mesh, extract one or several patches ( an airplane surface for instance ) colour that patch by pressure. apply an isosurface operator to that patch so as to explicit the isopressure lines over that surface ( in a healthy design they should be as orthogonal to the direction of flow as possible, any departure from that condition will mean that there may be conditions for pressure gradient reversal... bad news...), and apply the streamline operator to the internal mesh...

... just as easy as that... with a VTK database... well ... :-(

How do i extract a patch ? ( a car or an airplane surface... )... ?

Can i apply operators as simply as do it in an OpenFOAM database...?

Somehow the "extract parts" feature is not active in the "filter" scroll down menu...

... wy whole querying ability gets compromised...

...How do i do it...?


7islands June 3, 2008 19:53

Hi Alex, You could try to run
Hi Alex,
You could try to run foamToVTK again with -allPatches removed from your command line, and read *.vtk files for each patch created under VTK/<patchname> directory.


alexandrepereira June 4, 2008 17:38

Hi OSHIMA Takuya Thanks onc
Hi OSHIMA Takuya

Thanks once more,

I did as you told and no way... i cannot extract inner boundaries in my cfd domain...

It may be possible, but i do not know how to do it with VTK format...

Anyway, i built streamlines from my Vtk database... changed its visibility so that only the streamlines would be visible, and tha same thing happens... lots of streamlines broken for no apparent reason...

Happens in a vtk database in paraview 2.4.4 and paraview 3.2.1.

On the other hand, if i choose an Ensight data export and open it in Ensight 8.2.2 Gold, the streamlines are there allright... not randomly broken...

My problem is that my trial license of EnSight is almost expiring... and i am running short of options... :

MayaVi won't open VTK databases in unstructured format like paraview does... if it wasn't for the cranked streamlines... :-(

Thanks anyway...



alexandrepereira June 6, 2008 10:47

Hi Again Oshima. I have sol
Hi Again Oshima.

I have solved my difficulty in VTK manipulation...

The patches are all located in another folder inside the main VTK database folder... from there i can select whichever patch i need to open, and post it in Paraview... no need to extract features like in a Foam database...

BTW, do you happen to know when will Paraview 2.4.4 be superseeded by paraview 3.x as a default OpenFOAM viewer...?

Best regards


7islands June 6, 2008 11:08

Hi, @3.x migration: I (or all
@3.x migration: I (or all the community?) believe we don't have to wait so long before it happens [1].



alexandrepereira June 9, 2008 21:06

Hi Oshima, One more questio
Hi Oshima,

One more question... is there any way to import EnSight format into Paraview without the *%&"#)? "core dump"...?

Should i import it in "Little Endian" or "Big Endian" Format...?

As far i I can recall, Paraview 2.4.4. won't allow it,... Paraview 3.2.1 won't either...

is there some kind of "trick" to be used in foamToEnsight? or it is just the way things are, not being able to use Paraview with EnSight Format...?

Best regards


7islands June 9, 2008 21:51

Hi Alex, I have almost no e
Hi Alex,

I have almost no experience with foamToEnsight so I guess you could ask Mark in another thread [1], especially if you are interested in its polyhedra handling.



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