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egp May 17, 2008 11:25

Hi everyone, I'm using the
Hi everyone,

I'm using the latest snapshot of Paraview 3.3.0 on OSX 10.5.2 with the pyFoam script from Takuya.

Paraview launches from the command line (pyFoam . case) and successfully grabs system/controlDict, reads time-level 0 data, and allows visualization of time-level 0 data.

However, I can't get paraview to read any of the timesteps beyond 0. Is this an issue with the built-in OpenFOAM reader, with 3.3.0, or with me (most likely!)?


7islands May 17, 2008 19:46

Hi Eric, The reader tries to
Hi Eric,
The reader tries to list time directories according to the description in controlDict whenever possible (an inherited feature from Terry's original code which I found sometimes useful). However it may be causing the problem in your case. Could you comment out (add // to) lines 3651-3663 of vtkOpenFOAMReader.cxx except line 3662 as follows<pre> 3651 // if(((adjustTimeStep == "off" || adjustTimeStep == "no"
3652 // || adjustTimeStep == "n" || adjustTimeStep == "false"
3653 // || adjustTimeStep == "") && writeControl == "timeStep")
3654 // || ((adjustTimeStep == "on" || adjustTimeStep == "yes"
3655 // || adjustTimeStep == "y" || adjustTimeStep == "true")
3656 // && writeControl == "adjustableRunTime"))
3657 // {
3658 // return this->ListTimeDirectoriesByControlDict(&dict);
3659 // }
3660 // else
3661 // {
3662 return this->ListTimeDirectoriesByInstances(&dict);
3663 // }</pre>, recompile (go to [your build directory]/VTK/IO and run make) and see if it works?


philippose May 17, 2008 19:52

Hello Takuya, A Good day to
Hello Takuya,

A Good day to you... and long time no see :-)!

I was thinking of the same thing... I am quite sure the issue lies within that snippet of code...

Maybe we should consider shifting to time step extraction via instances, but keep the controlDict extraction method as an option which can be enabled or disabled from the reader GUI within ParaView as discussed hmmmm.... couple of months ago :-)!

What say ?


7islands May 17, 2008 20:16

Hi Philippose, You are probab
Hi Philippose,
You are probably right, I'm inclined to make the feature optional in the next release (if any).


p.s. Do you still see the cell-to-point filter problem? I'm always interested in fixing it (if it's confirmed to be a problem).

olesen May 21, 2008 03:14

I would favour dropping the co
I would favour dropping the controlDict parsing entirely since it can incorrectly ignore existing solutions. For example, when a steady-state solver uses the Time::writeAndEnd() method after reaching convergence.

7islands May 21, 2008 09:54

Yep that behavior will be the
Yep that behavior will be the default (if there will be another release).


egp May 21, 2008 15:16

Hi Takuya, I have not trie
Hi Takuya,

I have not tried to compile version 3.3.0. I am using the binary downloaded from

I'll try to download the 3.3.0 source and compile the code with your recommended changes to lines 3651-3663.


7islands May 21, 2008 21:12

Hi Eric, Now I got it: the re
Hi Eric,
Now I got it: the reader enabled in version 3.3 by default is Terry's code, which doesn't support VCR Play/Stop/etc. buttons. You could also try (warning: advertising own stuff) the reader posted to another thread on 26/Mar/2008 [1].



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