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r2d2 April 2, 2008 07:16

Hi everybody, Don`t know whe
Hi everybody,
Don`t know whether I post the message in the right topic branch, but is there a quick way of "seeing" (in paraview) a faceSet/Zone that is not a boundary patch, with the values of the variables that I solve for?
foamToVTK doesn`t do the trick (as it does for the boundary patches), and I guess that this is because the variables are stored at cell centres.
Do I have to create surface scalar fields for it?
Thing is that if I do foamtoVTK -surfaceFields I donīt see a thing (phi) either...

dmoroian April 2, 2008 07:25

Hi Radu, I think that it shou
Hi Radu,
I think that it should work using the option -faceSet instead of -surfaceFields:

Usage: foamToVTK <root> <case> [-surfaceFields] [-ascii] [-faceSet faceSet name] [-mesh mesh name] [-nearCellValue] [-pointSet pointSet name] [-excludePatches patches to exclude] [-allPatches] [-cellSet cellSet name] [-parallel] [-fields fields] [-constant] [-noPointValues] [-latestTime] [-noInternal] [-time time]


r2d2 April 2, 2008 07:50

Hi Dragos, Of course I tried
Hi Dragos,
Of course I tried that in the first place..all that I get is the faceID and no fields.
A faceZone is just a list of face indexes, right? a boundary patch has itīs associated field values as well? So I can play around coupling solvers with boundary patches, but how can I do the same (couple solvers, I mean) with surfaces that are not boundaries? Or better still, is it possible, did anyone try it?

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