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titio March 5, 2008 13:01

Hi, I am still a newbie in

I am still a newbie in openFoam/paraFoam, but, I am starting to enjoy the software, and getting some results. Now, I have a problem on how to visualize all simulation snapshots, obtained with icoFoam, in paraview/paraFoam. I got 100 snapshots, but in paraFoam only the 0 and the last foyr appear. How I can select the other?


António Martins

graser March 6, 2008 05:11

Look at ParaView. Before the T
Look at ParaView. Before the Time-Box (where at the moment only 6 Times are listed) there is an Input area called "Lower and Upper Times".
Here you can specify how many Times should be listed. In your case - if you want to see ALL Times - change the "Upper Times" box to "100".
Hope this helps

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