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21kalee December 30, 2007 11:28

ParaFoam exiting while trying
ParaFoam exiting while trying to save image file or movie file.

Can anyone help me in this. I am using Mandriva for OpenFoam

7islands December 30, 2007 22:59

pUl|'s post in this thread mig
pUl|'s post in this thread might help you:


johannes January 1, 2008 18:13

Hi kalaiselvan, if you stil
Hi kalaiselvan,

if you still have problems, there's another solution to save an animation out of ParaView or any other postprocessing software in general. This is done using the software "Wink" which you can download here for free.

The main features of Wink are an automatic capture of screenshots at a predefined fps rate, the possibility to remove or to add frames and finally the output of the movie as a Shockwave Flash object (*.swf). Again you can define the fps.

The so created movies have only a small filesize and can be watched on every pc with a flash player installed. As a sample I recently recorded a short sequence of the dambreak tutorial (glycerin instead of water; 50 fps), you can watch it here.

Best regards

lr103476 January 23, 2008 17:01

Very nice program, nice to mak
Very nice program, nice to make some flash movies for on a webpage. I always use tecplot in batch to create a sequence of png files. From those png files a create an avi or animated gif using both mencoder and convert, respectively.


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