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ivanyao December 20, 2007 22:30

hi when i do the Tutorials's
when i do the Tutorials's case(cavity).when i type "paraFoam $FOAM RUN/tutorials/icoFoam cavity" ,the Paraview is appear,when i click "Accept".the Paraview is exit!And appear some erroras show below)
FOAM FATAL IO ERROR:attempt to read beyond EOF
File:././o/u::Value at Line 37
From Funtion ITstream::read(token$.t) in file db/IOstream/ITread.c at Line 70.
I use the openfoam1.4.and the it ok?
how to fit the problem?

ivanyao December 20, 2007 22:47

when i type "paraFoam $FOAM RU
when i type "paraFoam $FOAM RUN/tutorials/icoFoam cavity" the Paraview is appear but I see the "Time"
I can not see
And i click the "ALL ON"
the situayion did not change.
what is the problem?

marhamat December 20, 2007 23:24

Can you see your case mesh usi
Can you see your case mesh using parFoam?
follow User guid step by step.
And please don't repeat your question in different pages.

ivanyao December 20, 2007 23:58

sorry about it.I can not see t
sorry about it.I can not see the mess.I have said when I click "Accept",the Paraview was quit.And i get some errors.

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