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christian August 13, 2007 07:58

I would like to receive advice
I would like to receive advices on the best way to create animations in paraFoam. I'm using Linux OpenSUSE 10 and it is required that the animation works fine on Windows XP.

1) Should I create an animation directly in paraFoam or print images and use some Linux software to assemble them into an animation? In the latter case, what software do you recommend?

2) What settings in paraFoam do you recommend me to use / not to use when creating the images/animation? Are there any known pitfalls?

Best regards,
Christian Svensson

tehache August 13, 2007 08:29

pitfalls: if you have big p

if you have big problems, uncheck the "cache mesh" button, and the "cache geometry" button in the animation control view, otherwise you easily run out of memory.
For me it works now simply to save the animation as mpg from paraFoam.
However, using XP, I did not find a way to specify a framerate in presentations. Thats why I now save jpg's, then use convert from ImageMagick to convert to yuv, and then mpeg2encode to prduce an mpeg with a framerate as I want it.

Oh, one more hint: I am also using OpenSuse, and had problems that, when creating animations, I could not put any window in front of paraFoam, it would appear in the animation.
However, this does not happen if I just start, kill paraFoam, nd re-run paraview using the trace file as input.



sek October 1, 2007 16:50

I have unsteady Lagrangian par
I have unsteady Lagrangian particle data I want to make animation of - bubbles wandering about in an unsteady flow field. The procedure I use to vsualize the particles

- convert Foam to VTK format (foamToVTK)
- Use paraview to open the flow data and the particle data
- glyph the particle data to visualize the bubbles

I can generate as many snapshots as I want in this way. My question is how I can make animation out these snapshots.
HWat procedure should I use to make animation

msrinath80 October 3, 2007 15:40

Use ImageMagick or mencoder (f
Use ImageMagick or mencoder (from mplayer):

For example, try: mencoder "mf://*.png" -mf type=png:fps=1 -vf spp,scale -ovc lavc -o output.avi

Assuming you have images in png format.

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