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sek August 30, 2007 15:59

I'm trying to visualize surfac
I'm trying to visualize surface elevation of an water/air interface using interFOAM result. First I made an iso-surface of volume-fraction (gamma = 0.5). Nect, I was trying to plot filled contour of z-coordinate on the iso--surface. I could not do it, because z-coordinate was not available in the data paraFoam read in.

Can someone help?

paka August 30, 2007 16:45

Hmm... I guess what you say sh
Hmm... I guess what you say should be done easily in TecPlot... of course if you have TecPlot

sek August 30, 2007 16:53

I suppose so. My question was
I suppose so. My question was how to do it using paraFoam. How do you export OpenFOAM data in Tecplot format?

paka August 30, 2007 16:58

foamToTecPlot tool: http://ww
foamToTecPlot tool:

Then if you want transfer ascii data to binary, use tec2bin tool under the same topic.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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